• Technical Competitiveness
    Welcome to Sun Bio Laboratory,
    a specialist company dedicated to pets.
Sun Bio Laboratory
Technical Competitiveness
Sun Bio Laboratory produces professional and safe products
through its own research lab and manufacturing plant.
Product Development and Distribution Support
With its own research lab and production facility,
it supports all processes from various raw materials to product production and distribution based on customer needs.

Company Name : SUNBIOLABORATORY Corp │CEO : Sunho Kim | Business Registration Number : 223-88-00407 | No. 2021-Busan Geumjeong-0353
Address : Room 603, Busan National University Samsung Industry-Academia Cooperation Building, 63 Busan National University Road, Geumjeong-gu, Busan
Factory : 882, Jijeong-ro, Jijeong-myeon, Wonju0si, Gangwon state │ Tel: +82 33-735-8117 │Fax: +82 07-4157-3020

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